Our goal is to keep your facility safe and productive.

Inspections and CPMs are the first step to catching safety issues and equipment wear before a major breakdown.

What you can expect from a Trester Hoist-Metropolitan Crane Inspection and CPM Visit:

Reminder phone call

  • Before your inspection you will receive a phone call or email reminding you of your upcoming service and any special instructions.

On Time, Prepared and Certified Inspectors

  • Covers will be removed, chain will be gauged and minor repairs/adjustments will be done as time allows during the inspection
  • CPM service includes lubricating chain or wire rope, greasing wheels, adjusting limits and brakes as needed


  • Your Inspector will introduce himself and bring any immediate concerns to you

Reports in 24 Hours

  • Within 24 hours you will receive your full inspection report and a repair summary listing issues to be addressed.
  • One week later you will have your inspection follow up quote including parts and labor

Follow Up Repairs

  • Any follow up service will be scheduled at your convenience

Future Reminder

  • You will receive a friendly reminder call before your next inspection to schedule


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